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Pylons and Steles

The Consystec pylons and steles are an excellent way to present information from afar. The large labeling areas hardly limit creativity. Outside, the popular versions made of glass have a certified system statics. However, the chic glass steles are also often used in indoor areas, e.g. in larger buildings as signposts or at trade fairs as information carriers for exhibits.



Consystec pylons are representative elements of corporate communications. Whether as an advertising medium or as part of an orientation system- the pylons guarantee a positive appearance. High-quality workmanship, a wide range of variants and a timeless design characterize the Consystec pylons.

  • Zeus: high-quality and exclusive pylons
    The Consystec pylons of the “Zeus” series are among the highest quality and most technically sophisticated of their kind and have a certified system statics. Designed for outdoor use satinized ESG glass (flat or curved) and a fully brushed stainless steel support structure for maximum exclusivity.
  • Hera: Illuminated pylons
    The pylons of the “Hera” series are LED illuminated on both sides. he opal white acrylic panels are held by chic anodized aluminum profiles. The concealed support structure is made of sturdy, hot-dip galvanized steel. The pylons can either be screwed onto a foundation or directly set in concrete.
  • Poseidon: Modern, slim and inexpensive pylons
    Modern, slim and inexpensive – these are the essential attributes of the “Poseidon” series pylons. Aluminum composite panels are fixed in white, silver or brushed stainless steel on a sturdy aluminum frame. The pylons can either be screwed onto a foundation or directly set in concrete.


glass interior and exterior

The popular Consystec glass steles offer an elegant and timeless look for different applications inside or outside. Common to all Consystec steles are stable angles made of steel or stainless steel as well as an ESG glass panel as a labeling area. Of course, the steles for outdoor use have a certified system statics.

  • In the indoor steles, the glass panes are held by very high-quality stainless steel angles (ground in the grain 240) and matching stainless steel steles connectors.
  • There are two different versions of the outdoor steles:
    • Floor-mounted installation: For that versions hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated angles, which are bolted to a foundation, are used to safely fix the glass
    • Subfloor assembly: Here hot-dip galvanized angles are bolted to a foundation made about 200mm below the surface, which is then filled up so that only the slender glass pane of the stele appears to be floating freely.