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Digital Signage

The development and significance of digital signage is progressing rapidly. Consystec offers a compact portfolio of technically mature, visually appealing and attractively priced products. The focus is clearly on user-friendly software solutions for the control of digital content as well as on digital door signs and overview signs.

MediaFix Color and E-Ink


Consystec is very active in developing digital signage products. The focus is on digital door and overview signs as an alternative to conventional signs. There are two alternative product lines: MediaFix Color with color displays and MediaFix E-ink, which are equipped with three-color e-ink displays. The digital content can be easily uploaded from a central location with the self-developed, very user-friendly digital signage control software MediaFix Tool and change anytime.

  • State-of-the-art technology combined with the typically elegant and high-quality “Consystec look” (glass cover with free-formable frame, stainless steel spacer, rear plastic cassette
  • Available sizes MediaFix Color: 10” to 13”
  • Available sizes MediaFix E-ink: 5,8” to 12,5 ”
  • Control via WLAN controller (E-ink: radio controller)
  • High quality technology for continuous operation 24/7
  • Easy management of the digital signs via the control software MediaFix Tool
  • Sophisticated template and sign management, user rights administration and connection of calendar system (i.e. MS Outlook)
  • Plug’n Play solution with preinstalled software on Mini PC or cloud solution

MediaFix Tower


The digital information pillars of Consystec MediaFix Tower Indoor and MediaFix Tower Outdoor are designed for 24/7 continuous operation thanks to solid electronics The housings of our digital steles are stylish and robust and are suitable for indoor use or outdoor use, depending on the version. A professional CMS (Content Management System) ensures that content displayed on the digital steles can be managed as desired from a central location.

  • High quality engineering and housing, outdoor with thermostatically controlled heating and ventilation
  • High-resolution branded displays, which have a very high brightness especially outdoors
  • Different screen sizes from 32 ” to 55 ”
  • Professional content management system
  • Optional equipment with mini-PCs and touch function

MediaFix Desk Indoor


The media desk with a high-quality 22 ‘monitor is particularly suitable for indoor applications in which information is to be displayed digitally in a flexible manner, i.e. about exhibited products or at certain locations in buildings. The MediaFix Solutions content management system is already included and installed on the built-in mini PC as a single license.

  • High quality branded screen and solid electronics designed for continuous operation 24/7
  • Touch function
  • Control via LAN or WLAN
  • Professional content management system

MediaFix Screen


Another option to display information digitally is the Consystec Infoscreens of the MediaFix Screen series. These digital displays are currently being offered for indoor use. High-performance variants for outdoor use are in preparation.

  • High quality technology designed for continuous operation 24/7
  • High-resolution branded screens
  • Different screen sizes from 43” to 55”
  • Professional content management system
  • Bracket for wall mounting already