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The Consystec catalogue offers you a complete overview of our products for sign making and advertising technology in German and English.

Consystec Online Catalogue

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The catalogue is divided into the following product categories:

  • Sign Systems (Page 4)

  • Barrier-free Guidance Systems (Page 44)

  • Digital Signage (Page 58)

  • Marketing Displays (Page 78)

  • Pylons (Page 88)

  • Steles (Page 96)

  • Signposts (Page 102)

  • Standoffs (Page 126)

  • Decorative Screws (Page 170)

  • Glass (Page 180)

  • Labeling Inserts and Mounting Material (Page 186)

This is new in 2021

  • New EasyFix sign series with and without removal protection

  • Presentation of 2 new, particularly inexpensive basic standoff series

  • Introduction of practical 4-pack cardboard for all standoff series, including fastening material

  • 2-part ClampLine sign clamp made of aluminum in a stainless steel look with a clamping range of 3-8 mm

  • Presentation of a completely new and innovative control software MediaFix Tool for our digital signs as a stand-alone or cloud variant

  • In addition to detailed product descriptions, the catalogue also provides you with helpful details such as item number, material, dimensions, color, packaging unit for our products such as sign systems, table displays, tactile orientation systems such as floor indicators, handrail signs or step markings, safety signs according to ASR A1.3/ISO 7010, indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions, LED light boxes, poster snap frames, showcases, pylons, inner and outer pillars, wall spacers, adjustable sign holders, countersunk sign holders, sign clamps, ceiling brackets, decor screw systems, such as float glass or thermally tempered glass with or without holes and suitable accessories.

    More about our products
    The corresponding individual catalog pages are available for download under the specific product-subcategories on our website.

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