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Tactile guidance systems and orientation systems

Tactile guidance and orientation systems are becoming increasingly important, especially in public spaces. They serve to guide visually impaired and blind people safely through a building or an area. The aim is that signs or markings of visually impaired or blind people can be read as well as by sighted people. A tactile guidance system essentially consists of five components: Tactile room signs and overview signs, Tactile floor indicators, Tactile handrails, Tactile overview plans and Step-markings.

Tactile room signs and overview signs

Tactile labeling on door and overview signs enables blind and visually impaired people to read information such as the room number, department or employees names. Most of the Consystec sign systems can be labelled with pyramid fonts and Braille according to DIN 32986, which can be felt by visually impaired or blind people with their fingers.


  • Wide color palette to adapt to existing design and to design with high contrasts
  • Different, DIN-compliant fonts and font sizes
  • Braille balls made of plastic or stainless steel


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Tactile floor indicators

hellgrüner Boden mit schwarzen Bodenindikatoren aus Kunststoff

A tactile floor guidance system consists essentially of ribs and knobs surfaces on which guidelines and fields of attention are formed and permanently attached to the floor. These are easily palpable by visually impaired or blind people but should also fit optically well into a building.


  • Large selection of materials (plastic, stainless steel, brass) and colors to adapt to existing design and to design with high contrast
  • Variants for gluing or sticking in boreholes by means of pins
  • Anti-slip surfaces


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Tactile handrails

An important component of a tactile guidance system are corresponding handrail signs. In conjunction with tactile floor indicators and tactile overview plans, tactile handrails allow the location of the desired floor as well as the location of important landmarks, e.g. building entrances and exits or elevators. The inscription with profile font and Braille script can help blind and visually impaired people to navigate their way through a building without help.


  • Large selection of materials (foil, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum) and colors to adapt to existing design and to design with high contrast
  • High quality and durable designs for flat and round handrails of all sizes
  • Different, DIN-compliant fonts and font sizes available


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Tactile overview plans

Tactile overview plans are used in particular in the entrance areas of buildings and are designed in a way that they can be easily read by visually impaired or blind people as well as by sighted people. They are manufactured individually based on floor plans. Various versions as a freestanding stand, under-platform stand or as a wall sign are offered.


  • Very robust and durable UV printing
  • Individual design according to local and customer requirements
  • Variants for indoor or outdoor use


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In particular, stairs pose a particular challenge for visually impaired and blind people. It is therefore important to secure stairs with high-contrast markings, which can also be of help to normal-sighted people.


  • Step marking profiles in a variety of materials (plastic, aluminum) and colors
  • Contrasting designs that stand out clearly from the steps and heels
  • Screw mounting or adhesive mounting


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