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Light boxes, folding frames and showcases

The product group of marketing articles Consystec offers a variety of solutions with the aim of optimally presenting products and information. All have in common a high-quality workmanship and an appealing look.

LED light boxes

The weatherproof LED light boxes by Consystec are characterized by a high-quality workmanship and a huge variety of available standard and special sizes. An even illumination ensures that the best possible effect is achieved for outdoor advertising. The Consystec light boxes are available as single-sided or double-sided versions.


  • High quality and weatherproof
  • Large selection of sizes up to six meters in length
  • One-sided or double-sided versions
  • Wall-mounted or as a cantilever
  • Even illumination


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Premium snap frames

Consystec's premium snap frames are a simple but effective advertising medium for poster or poster advertising. The exchange of poster is quick and easy due to the practical snap profile. The standard program includes various models for indoor and outdoor use in terms of size, color and profile width.


  • Affordable, effective advertising medium
  • Quick insert change thanks to practical snap profile
  • Various models for indoor use, outdoor use, lockable, flame retardant, etc.
  • One-sided and double-sided versions
  • Silver anodized, colored or alternative optics available


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Premium LED light frames

The Consystec Premium LED light frames ensure that the motif printed on backelit foils is evenly illuminated and excellently staged. Thanks to the practical snap profile, replacement is quick and easy. The standard program includes various sizes and profile widths, custom-made products are possible at any time.


  • Quick insert change thanks to practical snap profile
  • Uniform illumination of the inserted foils
  • Various models for indoor use, outdoor use, lockable, flame retardant, etc.
  • One-sided and double-sided versions


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Aluminium Silber Schaukasten im Außenbereich mit aufgeklappter Glasscheibe

The Consystec notice boards are an excellent product to attach, for example, posters, information or announcements with magnets on the back wall. In the LED illuminated versions, these are always easy to read even in the dark. The showcases are weatherproof and are therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Robust and stylish designs for indoor or outdoor use
  • With or without LED interior lighting
  • Wall mounting or mounting between two posts
  • Large selection of available sizes
  • Aluminum silver anodized or RAL painted


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