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Door Signs and Floor Signs 

Consystec offers a wide range of door signs and overview signs, which differ in function, design and handling. Many of the sign series include the most varied sizes from DIN A6 to DIN A0 as well as variants for hanging, as a flag sign or as a table stand. These can be perfectly combined with the exterior signage of Consystec, so that there are various possibilities to realize a consistent guiding and orientation system.


Glass signs with stainless steel standoffs

The glass signs of the PremiumFix series are the flagship of Consystec. They have been successfully produced since more than 20 years and are suitable wherever customers value design, quality and timeless elegance of their glass signs.


  • Almost indestructible materials (glass & stainless steel)
  • Timeless and elegant look for both, modern and historic environments
  • Single pane versions, especially for outdoor use
  • Double pane versions for labelling inlay to be placed between the two panes, suitable for indoor use
  • Double pane versions for labelling inlay to be placed between the two panes, suitable for indoor use
  • Wall-mounted, ceiling mounting or table stand
  • Also available as acrylic glass variants or with aluminum spacers


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Glass signs with the fastest possible change of label inlays

The ChangeFix sign series combines two of the key benefits of groundbreaking interior signage: a high-quality, chic look in stainless steel and glass optics, and the fastest possible change of label inserts. For this purpose, an approximately 1 mm wide gap is created between the two glass panes in a sandwich arrangement, so that paper inserts can be exchanged in a very simple manner and without the use of a tool.


  • Almost indestructible materials (glass & stainless steel)
  • Can be used in the interior of any demanding (doctor’s) office environment
  • Ideal for frequent changes of the label insert


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New in assortment!

Montageanimation der Acrylabdeckung des Consystec Aluminiumschild – SlideFix

The new EasyFix system looks stylish, is easy and flexible to assemble and enables the label insert to be changed very quickly. In the version with removal protection the insert is protected against unauthorized access, but can easily be removed with the help of a handy lever tool.

  • high quality aluminum profile available in three colors (silver anodized, white and black)
  • acrylic glass pane attached to the upper frame part enables the label insert to be changed very easily
  • optional versions with effective removal protection
  • rear screw eyes for screw mounting and hard foam strips with double-sided adhesive tape for convenient adhesive mounting

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GlasFix / ClickFix

Cassette signs with glass or acrylic cover

The popular cassette signs with a high-quality stainless steel cassette are available in two versions: In the proven model GlasFix a 4mm thick glass (or acrylic glass as GlasFix 2.0) is inserted by means of a suction cup into the cassette and can hardly being removed without this. The very popular ClickFix model also consists of a stainless-steel cassette with small fixing points on the inner edge, in which the grooves of the 3 mm thick acrylic disc engage when pressed in.


  • Very high-quality materials with stainless steel cassette and glass or acrylic glass cover
  • High security against tampering and still fast insert change, as a suction cup is required to remove the cover
  • Elegant appearance due to sleek design
  • Screw or adhesive mounting
  • Variants available as a flag or hanging signs
  • Numerous formats up to DIN A3 (ClickFix) or DIN A0 (GlasFix)
  • Can be used especially in highly frequented indoor areas


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Aluminum signs with acrylic cover

The basis for the sophisticated signs of the SlideFix series is a silver or black anodised aluminum profile into which a very high-quality, 8 mm thick acrylic glass pane is inserted laterally, which ends flush with the profile.


  • Effective securing by grub screw at the bottom
  • Screw or adhesive mounting
  • Suitable for demanding office or hotel environments in the interior, where sense of style paired with easy change of the label insert are requested.


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Curved aluminum signs with PET cover

A high performance and affordable alternative, the ProFix series signs offer a sleek look with a slightly curved, silver anodized aluminum profile. A 0.5 mm thick PET cover is clamped into the profile, which can easily be bent and removed with a suction cup or - with the smaller formats - also with two fingers.


  • High flexibility through 11 profile widths and variety of possible lengths
  • Extremely simple, tool-free insert exchange
  • Suitable especially indoors for hospitals, medical practices, office environments or public authorities


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Table displays

Whether name tags in reception desks, menu cards in restaurants or flexible information signs, the table displays by Consystec serve a variety of purposes.


  • High quality materials (stainless steel, glass, acrylic glass)
  • Numerous sizes, installation angles and versions available
  • Suitable for indoor use, e.g. as table displays for receptions, in open-plan offices or in exhibition areas


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Flag signs

The flag signs of Consystec FlagLine series are aesthetically and discreetly designed and are matching the signs of the PremiumFix, GlasFix, ClickFix and ProFix series. They are always used when information is to be clearly visible.


  • Use of high-quality materials (stainless steel, aluminum, glass, acrylic glass)
  • Various sizes and formats available
  • Suitable especially for indoor use e.g. for the identification of function rooms or for the far-visible representation of information about escape and rescue routes or equivalent facilities


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Hanging signposts

The Consystec hanging signposts of the AirLine series are then used when guidance information is to be displayed particularly visible under the ceiling. This applies, for example, to airports, trade fair halls or other large-scale buildings.


  • Large selection of high-quality materials (matching the sign systems), sizes or styles
  • Hanging systems as single signs or combining several signs with each other or side by side
  • Systems for wall-wall or floor-ceiling bracing
  • Clear presentation of complex information and thanks to fewer mounting points- easy installation indoors


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